What is Computer Security? Computer Security is broken down into many parts, some of the parts are local security, network security, system security and physical security

Local Security - is a Computer you can touch, which is close to you. A machine which you have access to directly, in the same context a computer machine that someone has direct access to not on a network.

Network Security - is a the protection of resources or access to the network it self. Which is accessed via a collection of computer machines, mobile device or electronically managed hardware through a router or switch on a LAN or WAN.

System Security - is best known for access protection to the Operating System either through Local access or Network access to the Operating System that runs the computer machine or electonically managed device.

Physical Security - Is you, you are the person operating the computer machine, mobile machine, electrincally managed device. You are the person with local and physical access to passwords, pass keys, USB Dongle, 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication or otherwise to the computer machines in question.

It has been known that people in places that require access have been contacted by intruders and will ask a series of queastions to a un knowing local user in order to gain access to the the computer machine or machines.

We will attempt to understand the way in which your users operate in a day to day event or session and work to secure the understanding of a physical user breach.


Current Systems We are Supporting: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, IOS , BlackBerry, Android
and all types of users ranging from common service workers to executives and I.T. staff or others who require training.


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