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Documented Solistic Fact Saturday 17th 1998

While its true a persons life can sometimes be measured by their experiences, I think that most of our life is spent in dreams, and we have more experiences in that state then the conscious world among our peers and family, public.

A great majority of the works found on this site have come from dream states, and then slowly pieced together to create on great piece of Ink art at a time,

Each piece takes about 6 months to complete .. not because the drawing is that time consuming, its because each part of the over all piece is only delivered to me in the dream state, then once received I will complete another piece to the puzzle being one of these Ink Art Works!

The process is very spiritual and fantastic to say the least, it does not matter if the viewer is spiritual or not the end results have always been amazing and incredible with wonderful detail! I have always felt very fortunate to be able to bring these incredible and amazing works of Ink Art to you!

Thank you for your interest!

By James Sanders 10/16/1998

Documented Solistic Fact Saturday 17th 1998

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Welcome and Thank you for taking the time to read about the self inflicted story of my existence. It begins in Montreal December 15 1970 in Chomedey Laval where I was Born and lived for many years I spent 15 years of my life there. Things are different in Montreal now since I have left, but never the less I still hold fond memories of Montreal. I then travelled to a few other destinations.

Los Angeles California , Nevada, Ottawa, Toronto

In each place I seemed to learn about new things and take in new experiences meeting people, some of which have been spiritual others cultural or just plain fun. Other influences I have been involved in are Operatic Voice Training, Guitar, Live event performances, Study of various sciences and finally Ink Art.